PMC – X-TAC – 5.56x45mm – 1000 Rounds


Short Description: 5.56x45mm – 55 Grain FMJ
Quantity: 1000 Rounds
Manufacturer: PMC
Casing: Boxer-Primed Brass
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Ships to: lower 48 USA
S&H: Free
Estimated Shipping Time: 5-10 days
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FREE Local pick-up location: Mayfield, KY by appointment only
Price: $545

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PMC’s 5.56×45 M855 Green Tip Ammo is made to meet the demanding standards of militaries around the world. Please note that this 5.56 green tip ammo is light armor piercing and steel core which means most indoor ranges will not allow you to shoot it indoors and this will damage steel targets. If you are looking for the best accuracy with this 62 grain bullet, we recommend a 1:8″ or a 1:9″ barrel twist but if your barrel is 1:7″ twist you will be just fine. PMC is a vertically integrated company and because of this their product quality is incredibly consistent. This ammunition is new brass cased with a boxer primer so the brass is great if you reload. You will notice the neck of the brass is discolored, this happens during a finishing process called annealing where the rounds are run through a heat treatment process, this discoloration has no affect on performance, it is simply cosmetic because they weren’t polished after the annealing process.

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