ATN OPMOD Exclusive ThOR LT 3-6x50mm Thermal Rifle Scope, 30mm Tube


We have qty: 2 of these available, you are buying only 1 (of our choice)
They are both identical except one says
ThOr LTC 3-6x
and the other says
Opmod 3-6x

they are both the 160 version of the ATN ThOr LT Thermal Rifle Scope
See and agree to the full description below before buying.

Description: Affordable price for a quality thermal scope is possible. We are breaking the price barrier and making your dreams come tru
Advanced heat detection sensors allow you to see in total darkness, through dense fog, smoke and heavy vegetation
Enjoy traditional design: 30mm tube scope made of hardened aluminum alloy, recoil resistant to higher caliber weapons
Maximum performance with minimum power consumption (internal Li-Ion battery life 10+ hours). Operating Temperature – 20°F to +120°F / -28°C to 48°C
Shipping eligible? yes
S+H Price: Free
Ships to: lower 48 USA
FREE Local pick up eligible? yes
FREE Local pick up location: Mayfield, KY by appointment only

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We have 2 available. We have one labeled Opmod 3-6x and one labeled ThOr LT 3-6x. I contacted the company (ATN) and they said they are exactly the same but the Opmod version is from Optics Planet, one of their official resellers.

ATN OPMOD Exclusive ThOR LT 3-6x50mm Thermal Rifle Scope, 30mm Tube.
This is a USED Thermal scope. I have only shot about 10 rounds of .22 cal ammo while having this on the gun. I bought it used about 1-2 years ago on ebay. I don’t want to sell it, but I have some bills that need to be paid. As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with it at all except a few scratches on the paint. As far as I know, I did not see any scratches on the lens. I did not notice any problems while looking through it a few nights ago. I do notice that its most likely only the 160 version, which is probably the least clear out of all of the ATN ThOR thermal rifle scopes but this could definitely help you survive a zombie apocalypse. You can see very clear when you are kinda close, but at a distance it does get a little blurry. You can twist the scope near your eye, and near the end to put it more into focus. You can change the contrast and brightness also.

I did not realize it had the “one shot zero” but I after looking at the ATN website, this model should have it since it is an ATN ThOR LT with “opmod 3-6x” on the side, just like the stock pictures. Some of the pictures added are mine, and the stock photos have the white background (kinda obvious which is stock).

I contacted ATN and they said if it says ThOr LT 3-6x its from them but if its Opmod then it came from Optics Planet but its the exact same thing.

It has white hot or black hot. You can also change the reticle.

The ATN OPMOD THOR LT comes with a NEW reticle not found in any other model of ATN THOR. It features the acclaimed 68 MOA circle dot reticle, widely known as the world’s fastest! Along with speed comes intuitive ranging capabilities. For instance, the 68 MOA circle is the approximate height of a person standing when they are 100 yards away, and at 200 yards the person fills only the lower half.

I will ship this to any USA address in the lower 48 states, will not ship out of USA.
FREE S&H, includes $1000 worth of insurance.

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