Simple Kitchen Organic Freeze-Dried Apples – 6 Pack



Short Description:  At Simple Kitchen we start with the finest quality fruit and send it through our special freeze-drying process which locks in more natural Vitamin C and Antioxidants and other nutrients than standard dehydrating methods. That’s why Simple Kitchen fruit looks and tastes more like fresh fruit, without the need for artificial colors or flavors. So keep your snacking and your life simple by enjoying Simple Kitchen freeze-dried fruit.

price: $89.00
S&H: Free
estimated shipping time: 8-10 days
main color: Red
material: plastic

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Product Specifications:
* 20g Serving Size
* 1 Serving Per Pouch
* 70 Calories Per Pouch
* 0.7 oz Net Weight Per Pouch
* 3 Year Shelf Life
* Organic, Gluten Free and Vegetarian
* Made in the USA

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